June 13, 2022

The Reform Government Surveillance coalition (RGS) applauds the bipartisan Senate introduction of the NDO Fairness Act by Senators Patrick Leahy and Mike Lee. The NDO Fairness Act would strengthen the nondisclosure order (NDO) process by ensuring NDOs are only issued after meaningful judicial review of the need for secrecy. This bill is a significant step toward improving laws to better protect individuals’ constitutional rights in the digital age.

When law enforcement agencies seek an individual’s emails, photos, videos, location, or other sensitive information, secrecy should be the exception, not the norm. The NDO Fairness Act promotes transparency and provides courts with a rigorous standard to evaluate non-disclosure requests from the government. RGS encourages Congress to quickly pass the NDO Fairness Act and provide individuals with these necessary protections.

RGS will continue to work with governments around the world to adopt surveillance laws and practices that are consistent with established norms of privacy, free expression, and the rule of law.