June 30, 2020

“The Reform Government Surveillance coalition (RGS) shares the goals of the EARN IT Act’s sponsors to eradicate child sexual abuse material (CSAM). RGS companies are committed to keeping people, especially children, safe on and offline.  We invest in, deploy, and share technologies across industry aimed at thwarting the dissemination of this abhorrent content.

As currently drafted, the EARN IT Act raises significant Fourth Amendment concerns that could ultimately threaten the ability of law enforcement to prosecute these crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice, and that may make it harder for companies to continue some efforts to keep children safe. This would undermine the goal of the bill. Additionally, while the bill does not reference encryption directly, in its current form it leaves open the risk that the Commission could require companies to weaken or undermine this critical safety and security tool.

RGS companies will continue to work with Congress and other child safety advocates to find solutions to combat child sexual exploitation online without these and other concerns that the EARN IT Act raises.”